Boracay: The Philippines’ Number One Beach Party Destination

Boracay: The Philippines’ Number One Beach Party Destination

From the northernmost islands down to the southern tips of this country, the Philippines is well known for being a country that has plenty of beaches for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a serene and secluded hideaway far from the urbanized areas, or a fun party spot reminiscent of the energy of South East Asia’s most lively beaches, this nation has something to satisfy both the adventurous locals and those who are coming for a taste of the most famous Philippine beach of them all: Boracay.

Boracay’s reputation as a beautiful island that’s practically made for summer parties is founded on its gorgeous powdery white sand. With a view of the sun setting into the deep turquoise sea, a margarita in hand and some bass-heavy music playing, how can you resist the call of this tropical getaway that will make you feel like you can be anyone you want to be, in one of the most wonderful destinations in the world?

You’ll never run out of fun things to do in Boracay. There are so many activities that you can engage in, from windsurfing and wakeboarding for the more sporty types, to simply enjoying the cool salt air and having one of Real Coffee’s famous calamansi muffins with a hot cup of tea and a paperback to keep you company. One of the things you definitely have to check out in the daytime is helmet diving. If you want to explore the depths of the sea, but lack the experience for PADI-certified diving, this is a great and safe way to take a peek at the sea creatures of the Philippines and see the coral growth around Boracay for yourself. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

Fun activities for those who want a bit more adrenaline in the daytime include windsurfing, cliff diving and scuba diving. These activities will let you get as close to the wild energy of nature as possible, while still leaving some control in your hands. Don’t forget to take a few photos of what you’ve been up to—the locals manning the areas for these activities along the various stations that Boracay is divided into are very friendly and more than happy to lend their assistance to making your vacation memorable.

There’s always swimming to be done at any point of the day. The soft sand makes walking to the blue waves easygoing compared to more pebbly shores—and with that endless view, can anyone blame you for wanting to stay in the ocean all afternoon?  If you get tired of that, you can rent a sailboat and do some leisurely paraw sailing, or come back to the shores and make some sand castles with your friends or family members.

If you ever get tired of simply strolling or swimming around the beach in the day, there are plenty of therapists around who can offer you a good massage right from the comfort of your lounge chair, so you can relax your tired muscles after a long day exploring Boracay and its natural beauty. You can also chill at Jonah’s and grab one of their refreshing fruit shakes to keep you healthy and hydrated after several hours out in the sun—get something with pineapple or watermelon for a true taste of tropical goodness!

When night falls, the fun doesn’t stop. Boracay has a lively nightlife full of partying and clubs for the more social tourists—whether you want to dance on the beach by the light of torches or listen to some excellent jazz music with a bespoke cocktail with your friends, there are various establishments that cater to every kind of person, ensuring that even when the sun goes down, you’ll have a lot to do and many unforgettable evenings. Don’t forget to try the excellent fresh seafood that you can find in virtually every restaurant or café for knockdown prices—grilled squid or fish is great with the local beer.

If you still have some free time on your hands and want to try a few other things, you can get henna tattoos or have your hair braided—some of the locals walk around the stations offering this service. Parasailing, while more expensive compared to the other previous activities, is definitely an unforgettable moment in your vacation, especially if you opt to do this with your more outgoing friends or a loved one—quite the adrenaline rush!

Boracay is known in Asia as a party spot for a reason. When you come here, you’ll never be bored. Book a room in any of the reputable inns or hotels in any station on the island, and prepare to have an excellent time—you will not regret choosing to stay here!

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