This Travel App Lets You Track Your Travel Destinations You've Been To

Are you a travel enthusiast? Then this app is for you.  A singapore-based Filipino software engineer, Denz del Villar, recently launched an interactive web app last April 13 where a user can shade and check the provinces they visited in the Philippines. 

This app immediately goes viral as it gives the perfect visual on where they have been to in the Philippines. You can also categorized each province according to the mode of your visit. These are the categories you can choose:

  • Lived there -  you lived there almost all of your life
  • Stayed there - you stayed there for atleast a couple of days
  • Visited there - you spent a couple of hours in that area
  • Alighted there - you make a layover or transfer in that area
  • Passed there -  you passed in that area but was not able to stop over
  • Never been there - it's time to plan to travel in that area

It's indeed a fun way to track your travels and to plan your next destination you never visited. Just visit this website to start tracking your travels.

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