The Summer Capital of the Philippines-Baguio City


Baguio City is known as the “summer capital of the Philippines”. Baguio City now, offer lots of world adventures.

You can have a walk through their fantastic Session road that you will never get bored of seeing different wonderful buildings, the nature itself at the same time and the different lovely faces of the people especially tourists who keeps on coming back to the city.

I you want some refreshment while having some recreational activity; their Burnham’s park is the best place to go! You can have some boating on the river with their different boats in animal figure.

However, if you’re looking for a cool place, where nature is indeed overlooking, Mines View is the perfect place then. There, you can ride a horse and take some photo with it before proceeding ahead to finally witness the wonderful views the place could offer! Mines view is also surrounded with different Pasalubong shops where you can buy different things to bring home.

Indeed, staying in Baguio is very nice! You don’t have to worry about their accommodation; Baguio has a lot to offer when it comes with accommodation to stay. For accommodation at Baguio, you may visit for more information. Visiting Baguio City is something that you’ll never regret about. Have a great one!

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