DOST agency develops power backup system

MANILA – The Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) has developed a power backup system for use during outages.

The system was developed as an alternative to uninterrupted power supply (UPS), according to Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato de la Peña in a taped report aired on New Year’s Eve.

"It has simple yet sturdy design and is easy to operate and maintain. Locally available materials were used for fabrication,” he said.

Further, it offers solution to large equipment needing continuous energy source without interruption.

"Parameters such as current, temperature, and relative humidity that may affect the systematic operation of the power backup system are on the prescribed scale and do not affect its reliability, durability, and efficiency," de la Peña added.

A power backup system has been proven effective on high consumption load without considering the entailment of cost and variability to its backup storage, he said.

"This technology should be considered for continuous processing and manufacturing in areas highly susceptible to power outage. The system has been tested on some equipment installed in DOST – ITDI’s Modular Multi-industry Innovation Center, such as pressure filter, blast freezer, slicer, grater, and conveyor," he said.

De la Peña also reported that the ITDI has developed a guidance document for fuel dispensers.

This document, he said, is issued to support the regulation of fuel dispensers and provides guidance to regulators in conducting efficient and internationally accepted tests for the metrological control of fuel dispensers.

"Liquid petroleum products are valuable resources that play an important economic and commercial role in our country. Most modern transportation relies on the use of these products as fuel. Fuel dispensers should meet the tolerances set by the law, according to the Department of Energy Circular," he added.

The volume of liquid fuels delivered by fuel dispensers shall not be less than the actual quantity by more than 50 milliliters for every 10 liters as measured by the standard test measure calibrated by DOST, he added.

The guidance document describes the best practice approach in securing and assuring the reliability of fuel dispensers used locally. This can be downloaded from the National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines' Facebook page.

ITDI is one of DOST’s research and development (R & D) institutes and undertakes multidisciplinary industrial R&D, technical services, and knowledge translation or technology transfer and commercialization. (PNA)

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