Reasons Why You Should Visit Davao

There are a handful of perks about traveling which make it as an exciting endeavor for many people. Apart from being able to learn new things about other places, it also lets you on new experiences which you may not encounter in your familiar routine.

If you are living remotely from Davao, either as a foreigner or local, the notion is very much true given the unique offerings which the place is willing to generously give to those who are bold enough to seek it.

Here are some quintessential reasons why travelers should consider visiting Davao at least once in their lives:

Kadayawan Festival

Every year, Davaoenos had the tradition of conducting festivals which make people flock the streets in joy for the celebration of the so-called “King of Festivals,” Kadayawan.Often, it is a showcase of Davao’s three major cultures, namely the indigenous people, Lumads, the Muslims, and the Christians.If you are into an event that is rife with vibrancy and colors, this particular event is a definite must-see.

Best place to get the cheapest Durian

There is no other place in the country that is most prominent about the “King of Fruits”—Durian—than Davao. For a place teeming with this smelly yet delicious fruit, you could expect it to be relatively cheaper than anywhere else.

Home to one of the safest city

The city of Davao is not only renowned for its massive land area which belittles that of all Metro Manila combined, it is also known for being the safest city in the country. When crimes were becoming rampant among urban areas, Davao remains to be significantly with lesser crimes due to some apparent stricter laws against crime. This is even depicted by how confident the citizens go about their normal daily lives, dayor night.

See and experience the Aliwangwang Falls

Nestled within the town of Cateel in Davao Oriental, the longest cascading waterfalls has been in a perpetual flaw which amazes its visitors for many, many years. Although now commercialized, the entrance fee is considered very minimal which makes access to the falls a reasonably easy feat for most people, especially tourists.

Experience beautiful beaches at par with most tourist destinations

Even though the Visayas region hold the most popularity as a destination to some of the best shores in the country, those places were already over-commercialized and rather hard to enjoy by those who would prefer someplace else tranquil. This makes any region further south, like Davao, an ideal alternative for its relatively less prominent but hidden gems that were a paradise to those who had the chance to savor them first-hand.

A habitat to the country’s largest and national bird

Forget about the Maya as the country’s national bird. The spotlight is now given to something else much larger, fiercer, and bigger, even among its kind—the Philippine Eagle. However, this amazing bird is already nearing extinction even in the very same place it had always called home, Davao. There is no better time to take a gander of this amazing creature than now and nowhere else than in Davao.

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