No shortage of paracetamol: DOH

MANILA – The Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday assured the public that there is no ongoing shortage of paracetamol, used to treat fever and mild to moderate pain.

It made the statement in response to reports of alleged shortage of supplies of paracetamol and other drugs for flu-like symptoms.

"We have quickly consulted major drugstore chains and local manufacturers and suppliers on the status of supply of said products," it said. "While there is an increased demand for such products, there is no ongoing shortage in the Philippines."

The department noted that paracetamol has many alternatives in the market, which are available in drugstores nationwide.

The government is constantly monitoring the supply status of medicines used in the symptomatic treatment of patients with Covid-19.

To secure the needed health products in the country's coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) response, the DOH is working with the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Trade and Industry.

However, the DOH appealed to the public to refrain from hoarding, panic-buying, or making unnecessary purchases of such medications when not clinically warranted. (PNA)



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