Top Foods That Beat the Summer Heat Of The Philippines

Summer season is one of the awaited seasons in the Philippines. People can enjoy the summer heat through swimming, hiking, mountaineering, or any recreational events. But one thing we can enjoy the tropical heat is the food and beverages that can surely cool us down. Here are our top picks of desserts and beverages you can enjoy this season.

Halo-halo is one of the popular Filipino cold dessert which combines the crushed ice, evaporated milk, sweetened beans, sago, gulaman, sweetened banana, fruit slices, and leche flan. This dessert is perfect during summer or you can eat this anytime you want. Halo-halo is available all over the country whether in the malls, restaurants, or even in the small store.

Sorbetes or Ice Cream
Sorbetes is the traditional variation of Ice Cream in the Philippines which made from either coconut milk or evaporated milk. It is usually served with small wafer or sugar cones. The one who peddled Sorbetes is called Sorbeteros. They usually use colorful wooden carts that are attached to the bicycle and can carry atleast 3 flavors of Sorbetes. Sorbeteros are commonly found beside the sidewalks, parks, churches, schools, and establishments.

Ice Candy
Ice Candy is a very popular cold dessert in the country. Why popular? Because you can even make this to your own using 2-4 ingredients and can even make a business out of it. This dessert is a combination of milk and your desired flavor like chocolate, cheese, or buko and placed it to the freezer. You can find Ice Candy anywhere especially to the small stores nearby.

Fruit Shakes
This cold beverage is also perfect for summer and also perfect for nutrition. It is a combination of shaved ice, milk, and choice of fruit and blended well together to get the creamy and sweet fruit shake.  Popular flavor of the fruit shake is Mango, Buko, Pineapple, or you may simply mixed variation of fruits. Fruit Shake is commonly found in malls but you can find also in some places like schools.


Sago’t Gulaman
This Filipino cooler is made up with special syrup, sago balls, and gulaman cube.  Ofcourse all of these ingredients is combined to the water with lots of shaved ice. This cooler is perfect for the tropical heat of the Philippines and this will give you instant coolness if you drink one of this.

Mais Con Yelo
Mais Con Yelo is a common Filipino Desert that is loved by everyone. The combination of sweetened corn, evaporated milk, and shaved ice makes this dessert very popular. It is also popular during summer because it gives instant coolness during the tropical heat of summer. You can even make this one to your own as the ingredients are commonly found in the grocery stores.

Mango Float
Since Philippines is blessed with great supply of sweet mango, this dessert is the number one mango dessert in the country. Mango Float has been one of the Filipino favorite since the combination of this goodness is condense and evaporated milk, cream, graham crackers and of course mango.  This dessert will be enjoyed if frozen that’s why it is perfect for the tropical heat of the country.


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23 Apr 2019