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Fun Things to do in Underground River in Palawan

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As we all know, Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the most popular tourist spot in the Philippines. It is also known as one of UNESCO’s heritage sites, and namedas a recent addition to the new Seven Wonders of the Nature.... Read full article

The Beauty of Bukidnon

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Bukidnon is known for being the food basket of Mindanao. The region has been actively producing rice, corn, sugarcanes, bananas and pineapples – making the region as the country’s primary source for the abovementioned products. ... Read full article

Unmask Masskara Festival

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Masskara Festival is one of the most exciting festivals in the Philippines, highlighting the creativity of the locals through the vibrant and artistic masks they wear during the event.... Read full article

Reasons to Visit Manilas Tourists

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Metro Manila may boast itself as the melting pot for the country’s diverse cultureswhich congest its citiesand a rich history which consequently made it the seat of power of the government. ... Read full article

Siargao - Your Next Heaven

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If you are a type of a person who loves to travel and enjoy wandering at the white sand beach, then Siargao is the best place for you. ... Read full article

Quintessential Reasons Why You Should Visit Davao

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If you are living remotely from Davao, either as a foreigner or local, the notion is very much true given the unique offerings which the place is willing to generously give to those who are bold enough to seek it. ... Read full article

Top Places to Visit If You are in Cebu

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home to the oldest city in the Philippines, also monikered as “Queen City of the South.” As an island situated at the “belly” of a country comprised of thousands of islands, Cebu is easily distinguished from its neighboring regions in the map.... Read full article

Visiting the Land of the Chocolate Hills and Home to the Tarsiers, Bohol

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Bohol is an oval-shaped island in what is practically the navel of the Philippines’ belly in the Visayas. Often overshadowed by the popularity of other tourist destinations that are prominent in the region, ... Read full article

Fun Facts About Davao You Do Not Know About but Should

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As a region to which the current Philippine president is hailed from, the Davao region—or, at least, a part of it—had previously gained buzz which had probably attracted the attention of many.... Read full article

30-day grace period for residential, commercial rent payment imposed by DTI


DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) will impose a 30-day grace period for residential and commercial rent payment for small businesses due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis.... Read full article