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30-day grace period for residential, commercial rent payment imposed by DTI


DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) will impose a 30-day grace period for residential and commercial rent payment for small businesses due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis.... Read full article

Pinoy Top Streetfoods


Street food is very common in the Philippines. Food is an important part of Filipino culture, Street food vendors can be found practically everywhere – outside school, beside the church, at the street corners, inside jeepney or bus terminals, etc. ... Read full article

Top Foods That Beat the Summer Heat Of The Philippines


One thing we can enjoy the tropical heat is the food and beverages that can surely cool us down. Here are our top picks of desserts and beverages you can enjoy this season.... Read full article

Family Food Package from DSWD


Here are the items from the Family Food Package... Read full article

Supplemental Anti-Hoarding and Anti-Panic Buying Directives from DTI


Here are the list of products/goods and quantity limit per transaction.... Read full article

Different Recipes You Can Do With Sardines


Stuck with sardines given from our government or any sectors? Here are some recipes you can do out of sardines.... Read full article